Historic American Indian Navajo Rugs For Sale

Navajo Dress


  • Number: 336
  • Description: Navajo Dress
  • Rug Size: 24" x 40"
  • Colors: Natural Ivory, With Aniline Dyed Deep Red And Black
  • Condition: Mint Condition
  • Circa: 1940
  • Other Details: This Navajo Dress Complete With Front & Back Panels. The Front Panel Is Traditional With A Red Top And Bottom Section With Terraced Motifs.The Collar Is Stitched Down And The Halves Are Stitched Together At The Shoulders And Tied With Traditional Attached Cloth Strips At The Sides.
  • Weaver: Unknown

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  • Navajo Dress
  • Navajo Dress
  • Navajo Dress
  • Navajo Dress