Yeibichai Lukachukai Navajo Rug 031


  • Number: 31
  • Description:Seven Yebichai Navajo Dancers depict Yei (gods). Five male dancers have round heads and two female dancers have square heads. The Yebichai with two strings of cones hanging from his arms is Water Sprinkler, the god of Precipitated Waters. Thirteen birds are messengers of the Yei. Feathers are symbols of prayers, a mark of honor, or sources of ideas.The Lukachukai area is west and south of the Lukachukai Mountains from Shiprock, New Mexico. The Yei and Yebichai weavings of this area are usually larger, less colorful, made with handspun wool, and the backgrounds are much darker than the Shiprock Yei and Yebichai rugs.
  • Rug Size: 42″ x 60″
  • Colors:
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Circa: 1920
  • Weaver: Unknown

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