100 Year Old Navajo Rugs: Own a Piece of History

Charley’s Navajo Rugs is proud to currently have eighteen 100 year old (or older) rugs in our inventory. Though these rugs are indisputably beautiful, they also remind us why were drawn to this industry in the first place–they truly evoke the spirit of the Old West.

These pieces give both serious collectors and people new to the art form a chance to own an authentic vintage Navajo rug. And lest you hear “100 year old Navajo rug” and picture a moth-eaten and fraying specimen, let us assure you that each one of these rugs is in excellent, display-quality condition. (And lest you think that a 100 year old rug must be a out of your price range, three of these rugs are actually under $600! This Germantown rug, another Germantown 3-diamond, and this Germantown runner with floating chinle stars.)

One of our most prized rugs is this mint-condition serape/child’s blanket, woven sometime between 1880 and 1890.

100 year old plus navajo rug

Germantown Serape/Child’s Blanket

Another over 100 year old Navajo rug of particular interest is this floating blanket design rug from the “transitional period”–the period between 1880 and 1910 when weavers were transitioning from weaving blankets to weaving rugs, due to market demand.

100 year old Navajo rug

Transitional Navajo Rug

This striking rug, also over 100 years old, utilizes spider-woman crosses and whirling logs in the design.

100 year old Navajo rug

Spider Woman/Whirling Logs Rug

You can find these rugs as well as others over 100 years old on our website. These pieces provide the rare opportunity to own a beautiful, excellently preserved piece of Southwest history. Please contact Charley at charley@charleysnavajorugs.com if you have any questions about a specific rug.