2 Bisti And A Chief’s Navajo Blanket – May 2023 Featured

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

May 2023

As I wrap up my 45th and last year as a certified public accountant, I haven’t acquired any new weavings to share with you this month.   I’ll have some in June, in the meantime, here are three favorites you may not have noticed online.


# 1153

Bisti Navajo Weaving 1153


  • Number: 1153
  • Description: A black and white ribbon border surrounds the tightly woven gray field. Inside the field, in a three-column format, are two columns of five hexagons with ten feathers extending out from them. The center columns are black and white figures. 
  • Rug Size: 66″ x 40″
  • Colors: Gray, white, black and red.
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Circa: 1910
  • Weaver:  Unknown
  • Other details: Very tightly woven.

Bisti Navajo Rug 1153
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# 1165

Bisti Navajo Rug 1165

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  • Number: 1165
  • Description: The outer border is a black / brown, then a white border, followed by a rust ribbon border with stepped designs with three green and red plant figures on each side, with other designs. Then a large white band around the rust designs and black designs coming from the final black border. In the brownish gray field are black circles with red centers, triangles, stepped designs, stars with tan circles in the center, and more curvature designs. This is a great 100-year-old Bisti Navajo weaving.
  • Rug Size: 93″ x 57″
  • Colors: Mountain Mahogany rust, natural black/brown, tan, brownish gray, white, aniline dyed red and green.
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Circa: 1920
  • Weaver: Unknown
  • Other Details: Tassels short.

Bisti Navajo Rug 1165
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# 1170

Revival Navajo Chiefs Blanket 1170


  • Number: 1170
  • Description: This large revival blanket has black white and gold zig zag lightning bolts protecting the gray field. To the left and right of this large lightning bolt is another smaller one. Bands of chevrons’ stepped designs and diamonds cover the field. In the center is a large cross with diamonds within diamonds around it.
  • Rug Size: 85″ x 62″
  • Colors: Gold, black, gray, and white.
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Circa: 1990
  • Weaver: Helen M. Johnson
  • Other Details: A revival from blankets woven in around 1880. Tightly woven.

Revival Navajo Chiefs Navajo Rug 1170
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That is all for this month.

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