Antique Crystal Navajo Rug 303


  • Number: 303
  • Description:This Crystal Navajo rug has a few Bisti characteristics, but I do not
    consider it a Bisti.The Motif Is Two Large Diamond Medallions, Each Having Spiral Latch-Hooks Protruding Both Inward And Outward From The Frame Of The Diamonds.

    All Along Each Side Are Typical Bisti Triangular Shaped Motifs With Geometric Centers; A Black And White Border Frames The Weaving. On Each End, Additional Stripes Form A Five Color Compound End Stripe.

  • Rug Size: 42″ x 64″
  • Colors: Natural Variegated Salt And Pepper Tannic Brown, Variegated Dark Brown To Black, Ivory And Vegetal Dyed Burnt Orange (Dyed With Wild Carrot), Aniline Turkey Red.
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Circa: 1920
  • Weaver: Unknown

Featured in Kings Art Center Exhibit, Click Here…

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  • Antique Crystal Navajo Rug 303
  • Antique Crystal Navajo Rug 303
  • Antique Crystal Navajo Rug 303