This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

February 2023

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Well; we got what we asked for. Rain; and lots of it.  As you have probably read or heard in national news stories, California started 2023 with a series of huge storms. The coastal areas got feet of rain and the mountains got even more feet of snow.  Here in central California’s San Joaquin Valley, we got seven inches of rain; its flat; no mud or rockslides here. We’re glad to have it after three years of drought.

As a cold winter continues across the county, there’s few things better than a Navajo weaving to add warmth to your d├ęcor.  Below are some terrific options.

New To The Collection

# 1188 is a Klagetoh Navajo weaving with four borders; it is 51″ x 35″ and circa 1965.  This is a very nicely woven one-of-a-kind work.

Klagetoh Navajo Weaving 1188
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# 1189 is a variant of JB Moore Catalogue Plate XXX 191. It includes red Cardinals; is 69″ x 51″ and circa 1920.  It is a great 100-year-old weaving that can be used as a rug or wall hanging.

A Variant of JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Catalogue Plate XXX Navajo Rug 1189
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# 1194 is a Ganado Navajo rug with outstanding colors; it is 99″ x 67″ and circa 1930. A very tightly woven piece it will work well as a rug or wall hanging.

Ganado Navajo Rug 1194
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Rustic Rugs

We’ve added two pieces to our Rustic Rugs Category.

# 1196 is a Toadlena / Two Grey Hills Navajo rug that measures 88″ x 56″. It is circa 1930. There is damage to one corner.

Toadlena / Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug 1196
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# 1201 is a Wide Ruins Navajo weaving by Master Weaver Ellen Smith. It is  60″ x 42″, circa 1980.  This is an extremely well woven piece by an award-winning weaver. There is slight color bleed; it is priced at an exceptionally fair value.

Wide Ruins Navajo Weaving by Master Weaver Ellen Smith 1201
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Featured Rugs

# 1162 is a Third Phase Navajo Chiefs blanket; circa 1885 to 1895 and measures 65″ x 50″. Now 5,800.

Third Phase Navajo Chiefs blanket 1162
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# 882 is a House Pictorial Navajo rug in a Double Diamond format. It is 70″ x 37″ and circa 1915.  Now 2,000.

House Pictorial Navajo Rug in a Double Diamond Format 882
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