Amazing Large Teec * Warped Wonderful Transitional * April 2021 Featured Navajo Rugs

April 2021

Two Amazing Newly Added * Teec and Transitional * Two Outstanding Featured * Three Turkey Ruins Navajo Rugs Woven by Sisters *

Spring is in full bloom in central California and the Coronavirus situation is improving! We are busy buying and selling weaving while preparing dozens of pieces and their stories for an upcoming exhibit.

Exhibit & Sale

Navajo Textiles – The Charley Castles’ Collection
Opening Reception: Friday September 10, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.
Kings Art Center, 605 N. Douty Street, Hanford California
Exhibition: Saturday, September 11 – Saturday, October 16

New to the Collection

Two rugs added in the Historic category this month.

# 1147 is a large Teec Nos Pos circa 1930. At 98″ x 59″ it is an outstanding old weaving, woven canvas tight. It is one of the nicest Teec Nos Pos we have ever offered.

Large Navajo Teec Nos Pos Rug 1147
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# 1146 is a Navajo Transitional Blanket in the eye-dazzler pattern circa late 1890s. It is 48″ x 33″. It is a neat very old rug with lots of pattern and color.

Navajo Transitional Blanket with an Exposed Warp Fringe 1146
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Featured Weavings

The featured rugs this month are two Contemporary rugs woven by sisters.

# 548 is a Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater Navajo weaving by Master Weaver Ruth Ann Tracy at 64″ x 48″. It is a great Burntwater pattern weaving great for wall or floor use.

Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater Navajo Rug for Sale by Master Weaver Ruth Ann Tracy 548
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# 629 is a classic Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater 39″ x 61″ circa 2013 by Master Weaver Helen Bia.

Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater 39" x 61" circa 2013 by Master Weaver Helen Bia
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That’s all for this month have a great April.

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