APRIL 2022 6 Featured Navajo Rugs On Sale Through April 20th

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

Spring 2022

APRIL SALE * 6 Rugs On Sale *

The calendar has turned a page and fair weather is spreading. There’s no time like spring to refresh your favorite spaces – home and office. Whether you need a wall hanging or rug, now is the time to make your spaces feel fresh with the addition of a Navajo weaving by a master of the art. Special pricing until April 20, 2022 makes it all that much easier.

Featured Rugs

#302 is a first & second phase Chief’s Blanket woven by master weaver Laberta Marianito in 2009; Marianito’s weavings have been exhibited at the Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona. The indigo blue & vibrant Cochineal Red of this wool & silk weaving are outstanding. A museum Velcro hanging system is included; it is 54 x 72. Originally $6,500; now $5,100

First and Second Phase Navajo Chief’s Blanket by Laberta Marianito 302
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#406 Master weaver Helen Bia wove this Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater style wall hanging in 1987. The double diamond format has six borders of hand spun and dyed yarn in glistening golds and tans. It is 24 x 38. Originally $3,300, now $2,465

Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater Navajo Weaving by Helen Bia 406
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#547 is a 48 x 72 Teec Nos Pos style weaving by master weaver Lucy Begay. Hand spun & dyed deep maroon of Churro wool, the intricate geometric patterns in this rug are bold. It is circa 2013. Originally $9,900; now $6,800

Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug Weaving for Sale by Master Weaver Lucy Begay 547
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#555 This Bisti style rug is 47x 71 and circa 1940. Its black & grey coloration features a center diamond and trees. Originally $4,000; now $2,975
Bisti Style Navajo Rug Weaving 555
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#987 is in the Ganado style with a cross in the center surrounded by full and half diamonds. It is circa 1930. And 46 x 81. Originally 2,400 now $2,040
Ganado Navajo Rug for Sale with Diamond in Center and Half Diamonds Above and Below 987
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#1119 Prized for its age (130+ years) and excellent condition this Moki style Navajo rug is 37 x 71. Circa 1890, it features a field of stripes with stepped down diamonds.  Originally $5,300; now $4,000
Moki Navajo Rug 1119
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Additional details about each rug are on our website and I am available to answer questions you may have. Let me know.

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