Beautiful Navajo Moki Blanket Circa 1880 2 Additional 2 Featured July 2022

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

July 2022

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We recently returned from several days on the road Including stops at the Hubbell Trading Post in Ganada, Arizona and Bill Gordon’s Fine Navajo Weavings in Telluride Colorado.

Hubbell trading Post was established in the 1800s and to this day has fine examples of Navajo arts; up in Telluride, Bill has wonderful weavings including one of the largest Yei pieces I have ever seen.

New Weavings

#1171 is a beautiful Navajo Moki blanket; circa 1880, it is 86 x 56. This is a very tightly woven blanket. When you look at it on the website put your cursor over the second photo to get a really good look at the colors.

Navajo Moki Blanket 1171
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#1154 is a Red Mesa runner with great colors. It is circa 1920 and measures 81 x 43. This is a striking 100 year old rug.

Red Mesa Navajo Runner 1154
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#1166 is a Toadlena Storm Pattern variant circa 1925. It is 88 x 66 and very tightly woven.

Two Grey Hills Toadlena Storm Pattern Variant Navajo Rug 1166
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Featured Weavings

#1141 is a Red Mesa woman’s style Chief’s Blanket circa 1900 to 1920. It is 74 x 55. A really great weaving. Price reduced to $4300.

Red Mesa Woman Style Navajo Chiefs Blanket / Rug 1141
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#1142 is a Red Mesa weaving in the style of a Third Phase Chief’s Blanket and was woven to be used as a rug. Circa 1930, it is 76 x 57. It is very tightly woven and will look great on a floor or wall. Price reduced to $4600.

Red Mesa Navajo Rug 1142
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Additional price reductions have been made on several other weavings; you might want to check out your favorites.

Have a wonderful summer.

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