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March 2022 Featured Navajo Rug Sale And New Listings

Monday, February 28th, 2022

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

March 2022

March SALE * 3 Rugs On Sale * 2 New Listings *

Hope all is well in your part of the country; the weather has been rather cold for California lately. As spring approaches, I hope we get more rain than cold. Our newest Navajo weavings will look great no matter your weather.


#1161 is a Klagetoh Navajo rug circa 1920; it is 76″ x 55″ and the colors are great in this 100-year-old rug.

Klagetoh Navajo Rug 1161
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#1162 is a Third Phase Navajo Chief’s blanket circa 1885 to 1895. It is 65″ x 50″; this 130 year old blanket has beautiful coloration.

Third Phase Navajo Chief's blanket 1162
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#1151 is a vibrant Navajo woven Germantown pictorial blanket. It is 68″ x 50″, circa 1890; the canvas has a tight weave. $6,500 until March 25th.

Germantown Navajo Pictorial Blanket 1151
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#1137 is a Crystal Trading Post weaving; it is a variation of Plate XIV in the 1911 catalogue. It is 71″ x 41″; circa 1910. $ 1,500 until March 25th.
JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Navajo Rug A Variation of Plate XIV in the 1911 Catalogue 1137
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#1157 is a large JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Navajo rug; it is 108″ x 72″; circa 1930 to 1940. This outstanding weaving will look great and wear well on the floor or as a wall hanging. $5,800 until March 25th.
Large J.B. Moore Crystal Trading Post Navajo Rug 1157
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That is all for now; wishing you an outstanding March.

Any questions let me know. Give me a call +1-559-259-9482 or email


Great Old Bisti Navajo Rug for Sale August 2017 Rug of the Month 809

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Great Bisti Navajo Rug

The rug of the month for August is #809 a great old Bisti Navajo rug 38″ x 62″ Circa 1930s.

Navajo Rug Weaving
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Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Check out Nizhoni Ranch Gallery‘s upcoming Woven Holy People show from February 28th to April 2nd 2016.

Mark Your Calendar


The most important show of the Navajo Yei weavings since the Wheelright exhibition of the 1980s.

OPENING Sunday February 28th 2016

Reserve your space for the Opening Day with Steve Getzwiller.

Woven Holy People February 28 – April 2nd 2016

The largest and most in depth collection available for sale. Over three dozen weavings will date from the 1920’s to the present. Yeis, Yei Be Chei and Sandpainting textiles.