December Featured Navajo Rugs. Sandpainting. Wide Ruins. 2020

December 2020

2 Featured Navajo Rugs. 2 New Listings.

This Holiday decorate with a Native American flare.

Whether for your home, office, or to give, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind original piece of art created by a member of the Navajo Nation.

December Additions

# 1140 Two Grey Hills weaving in the Double Diamond format. An outstanding weaving. Circa 1940. 48″ x 85″. Very tightly woven.

Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug 1140 Featured JPG Image Charley's Navajo Rugs
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# 1138 J. B. Moore Trading Post variant of XIV and XXX from the 1911 catalog. Circa 1910. 44″ x 69″. Well woven. Will go great on your floor.

J.B. Moore 1911 Navajo Rug Catalogue Variant of XIV and XXX 1138 Charley's Navajo Rugs JPG Featured Image
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Featured Rugs

Prices have been reduced on the following rugs through December:

# 1130j Mother Earth Father Sky Sandpainting. Circa 1920. 67″ x 74″. $18000 through December.

Mother Earth Father Sky Sandpainting Navajo Weaving 1130J Image 001 Charley's Navajo Rugs for Sale
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# 1126 Wide Ruins Navajo Rug 40″ x 73″. Circa 1963. $900 through December.

Navajo Mesa Rug 1121
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After the first of the year, we will wholesale the rugs in closeout section.

Interested in any make a reasonable offer.

That is all for this month.

Any questions let me know. Give me a call +1-559-259-9482 or reply to this email. 

Be safe and stay healthy.

Wishing you a happy holiday and a Merry Christmas.