Decorating with Navajo Rugs: Tips and Ideas

Decorating with Navajo rugs is really limited only by your creativity and square footage! You can of course use Navajo rugs as floor coverings, but (especially with rarer or more delicate pieces) they are also lovely on the wall or even draped on a couch or used as a table runner. They work well in homes that have a more traditional style, but they work equally well in more modern, clean-lined homes–offering a pop of color and pattern.

Ideas for Decorating with Navajo rugs

As a floor covering in a bedroom:

decorating with navajo rugs

As a couch blanket/headrest:

decorating with navajo rugs

As a table runner:

decorating with navajo rugs

The sky is really the limit when it comes to decorating with Navajo rugs. A runner in front of the kitchen sink, a wall hanging in your study, a large-scale rug in your living room. If you need more inspiration, check out Pinterest (you can follow Charley’s Navajo Rugs on Pinterest, as well, for updated rug offerings and new design ideas) or Houzz (not all rugs shown here are authentic Navajo rugs, but there are some good ideas on how to incorporate Navajo rugs into your decor). Just search something like “decorating with Navajo rugs” or “Southwestern decor.” There are some truly beautiful ideas out there. You can also find additional decorating inspiration on our site.

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