Decorating with Navajo Rugs

Using Navajo Rugs in Traditional Home Decor

Have you ever thought I love this Navajo rug but how will it work in my home’s traditional décor?

Here are some tips on how to blend the two. It’s all about tying in the colors and not being afraid to mix patterns.

Storm Pattern Navajo Rug Accenting Bedroom

Storm Pattern Navajo Rug

Storm Pattern Navajo Rug in Used in Traditional Home Decor Bedroom

This white, black, gray, and red Storm Pattern Navajo Rug works well in a traditional bedroom with black furniture on a canvas of nearly white walls and carpet.

The geometric patterns in the rug complement the black and white buffalo check panels at the window, on the wing back chair, and on the bed.

The black, white, and red color scheme unifies the room while the mix of patterns makes the room interesting.

Storm Pattern Navajo Rug Accenting Bedroom

Same Bedroom
Chinle Navajo Rug

Here’s the same bedroom using a Chiinle Navajo Rug with red, white and grey mohair for different textures.

This predominately red colored Chinle Navajo Rug with its geometric patterns also works well with this room’s motif.


Dining Room With Bisti Navajo Rug

Crystal Navajo Rug

This old Crystal with Bisti characterics Navajo rug works well layered on a dark wood floor and topped with a pine dining table and painted chairs. The earthy brown and gold colors in the rug complement both the light and dark woods.

Living Room With Chiefs' Navajo Blanket and Bisti Navajo Rug

Chiefs’ Navajo Blanket on Wall, Crystal Navajo Rug on Floor


Living Room With Chiefs' Navajo Blanket and Large Bisti

Chiefs’ Navajo Blanket on Wall, Large Bisti Navajo Rug on Floor



Videos of My Office with Navajo Rug Interior Design



Navajo Weaving for Interior Design Examples

Below are additional examples of Navajo rugs in use for interior decorating. Click on the photo to see the rug details.

Crystal Trading Post Ganado Navajo Rug For Sale Photo 1

Banded Crystal Navajo Weaving

Gemini Symbol Modern Navajo Rug

Navajo Dress Panel

Navajo Single Saddle Blanket with JY Brand in Two Corners from the Rockefeller JY Ranch in Wyoming

Small Navajo Weaving

JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Navajo Rug

Navajo Great Star Weaving

Contemporary Navajo Childs Blanket Weaving

Two Navajo Dress Panels Not Connected Together

Navajo Twill Double Saddle Blanket

Yei Navajo Weaving by Gloria Hardy

Ganado Navajo Weaving with Snowflake Pattern

Open Field Navajo Single Saddle Blanket

Germantown Navajo Weaving 3 Diamond Layout

Blue Diamond Twill Navajo Weaving