Displaying Navajo Rugs on the Wall

As I explained last week, displaying Navajo rugs on the floor versus the wall depends a lot on the thickness and condition of the rug in question. While you might have no problem displaying Navajo rugs that are newer and less valuable on the floor, more rare and valuable textiles would usually be displayed on the wall (though I do know of people putting 60+-year-old rugs worth over $70,000 on the floor). Below are step-by-step instructions for how to hang your rug on the wall.

displaying navajo rugs

Displaying Navajo Rugs on Wall

We recommend displaying your rug on the wall using male (the hook, or rough, side) Velcro, a 3/8″ x 2″ finished board, and two or more eye screws.

  1. The first step is to cut your board and Velcro to the appropriate length–you want them to be 2″ shorter than the textile. So if you are hanging a 30″ x 60″ saddle blanket, cut your board and Velcro to 28″ long.
  2. Next, pull the plastic backing off the male Velcro and press it on to your board.
  3. Once the Velcro is attached to your board, measure 5″ from each end, put a dot on the 3/8″ side of the board, and screw your two eye screws into the top of the board.
  4. Locate where you want to display the rug on the wall and attach the board to the wall using finishing nails.
  5. Now press your rug against the male Velcro, leaving 1″ on each side of the board. If it looks level, you’re done! If not, slowly pull the weaving away from the Velcro and do it again.

Do not ever attach the Velcro by using the Velcro’s glued surface directly on the rug. Doing this will damage the rug when the Velcro is taken off. Another way that you can use Velcro to attach your rug to the wall is to have a professional restorer sew the male Velcro to your rug; they will leave the plastic backing on the Velcro, so it will not be permanently attached to your rug. You would then glue the female Velcro to your board and press the two together to hang your rug.

Let me know if you have any additional questions about displaying Navajo rugs. Email me at charley@charleysnavajorugs.com.