Enrich Your Quality Of Life With These Antique Transitional And Red Mesa Navajo Rugs August 2021 2 Featured

August 2021

Newly Added Transitional and Red Mesa Navajo Rugs * 2 Featured *


We’re getting ready for the upcoming exhibit; selecting the best pieces in a variety of styles and colors.

Exhibit & Sale

Navajo Textiles : The Charley Castles’ Collection
Opening Reception : Friday, September 10, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.
Kings Art Center, 605 N. Douty Street, Hanford California
Exhibit : Saturday, September 11 – Saturday, October 16


News Flash

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New Weavings

Here’s the newest additions to the collection, each is more than 100 years old.

# 1123 is a Transitional Navajo rug, 75″ x 50″ circa 1900 to 1910. This is a nice antique rug that will look great on your wall or floor.

Antique Transitional Navajo Rug 1123
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# 1149 is a Red Mesa Navajo rug; 47″ x 93″; circa 1915. The yarn was hand spun.

Antique Red Mesa Navajo Rug for Sale 1149
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Featured Weavings

# 1148 is a spectacular Germantown Navajo blanket; 74″ x 47″; circa 1880. This a very tightly woven piece.

Antique Germantown Navajo Blanket 1148
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# 1130j Mother Earth Father Sky sandpainting. Circa 1920; 67″ x 74″.

Mother Earth Father Sky Sandpainting Navajo Weaving 1130J
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