Exquisite Antique Germantown and 3 Featured July 2021 Navajo Rugs

July 2021

A Newly Added Exquisite Antique Germantown * 3 Featured *


The heat has set in all in central California; lucky for us we missed the first week while we were in southwestern Colorado – Durango, Ignacio and Telluride. Ran into Bill Gordon of Fine Navajo Weaving in Telluride; when you’re in that part of the country stop in.

Exhibit & Sale

Navajo Textiles – The Charley Castles’ Collection
Opening Reception: Friday September 10, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.
Kings Art Center, 605 N. Douty Street, Hanford California
Exhibition: Saturday, September 11 – Saturday, October 16


New Weaving

Here’s the newest addition to the collection.

# 1148 is a spectacular antique Germantown Navajo blanket; it is 74″ x 47″ and circa 1880. Beautiful says it all. A super 140-year-old rug.

Antique Red Mesa Navajo Rug Charley's Navajo Rugs
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Featured Weavings

# 547 is a great Teec Nos Pos weaving by master weaver Lucy Begay; it is 72″ x 48″ and was created in 2013. It is a very tightly woven fine piece of artistry.

Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug Weaving for Sale by Master Weaver Lucy Begay 547
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# 548 is a Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater Navajo weaving by Lucy Begay’s sister and master weaver Ruth Ann Tracy. It is 48″ x 64″; circa 1990. It is the best Burntwater we have ever offered.

Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater Navajo Rug for Sale by Master Weaver Ruth Ann Tracy 548
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# 406 is another Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater Navajo weaving; this one is by master weaver Helen Bia another of the Begay sisters. 38″ x 24″; it is circa 1987.

Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater Navajo Weaving by Helen Bia 406
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