Eye Dazzler Rugs As the Perfect Accent for Your Home

While patterns like the Yeibichai, Yei, Tree of Life, and other culturally significant symbols have their origins in Navajo sandpainting rituals, eye dazzler rugs were always meant primarily to do just what their name implies: dazzle the eye through intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

eye dazzler rug

Eye Dazzler Rug, circa 1950

During the Transitional Period, approximately 1880-1900, Navajo weavers began weaving textiles that were meant for commercial sale, not just for personal and tribal use. Navajo weavings were initially used as blankets, but as the market grew for these traditional weavings, they transitioned to being made more for use as rugs and wall hangings. Mill-spun yarn also became widely available at this point, meaning that weavers suddenly had access to more finely spun and brightly colored yarn, and therefore could weave more complex and colorful patterns.

Eye dazzler rugs incorporate geometric designs and bold colors–things that apparently appealed to those early trading post owners and tourists as much as they do to our modern eyes. These weavings can provide a beautiful accent piece in your home either as a rug, wall hanging, or bed cover. Because their bold designs and bright colors can be used as a complement to a range of styles – from traditional Western to organic modern – we think these are a great entry into Navajo rug ownership.

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