Featured Germantown and Revival Navajo Rugs 3 New Listings October 2020

With many people spending more time at home, they are taking time to freshen up and, sometimes, completely redecorate living rooms, dens, and home offices.

The geometric patterns of Navajo weavings can do a lot to add punch to a room; and the colors can totally change a room’s point of view. Neutral browns and creams can be calming while turquoise and red can brighten and bring attention to your décor. There are hundreds to choose from..

October Additions

Two rugs and one blanket have been added to the collection.

#1135 is an extremely well woven Teec Nos Pos style Navajo rug circa 1930. At 47″ x 70″; it is a great 90-year-old rug for the floor or wall.

Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug
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#1137 is a variation of the 1911 JB Moore Catalogue plate XIV. It is circa 1910 and 41″ x 71″; it is a neat old rug.

JB Moore Navajo Rug
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#1136 is a transitional blanket circa 1890; it is 52 x 77. The colors in this great old blanket are outstanding and it is very well woven.

Transitional Navajo Blanket
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Featured Rugs

# 1072 is an outstanding Germantown Navajo Dress Panel circa 1880 to 1900; it is 30″ x 46″. I will not mind taking it off the wall in my office. $2,500.

Germantown Navajo Dress Panel
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# 998 is a revival Navajo blanket circa 1930 and 57″ x 78″; it is very tightly woven.

Revival Navajo Blanket
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That’s all for this month.

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