Featured Moki and Klagetoh Navajo Rugs for Sale Feb 2021

February 2021

2 Featured Navajo Rugs.

Finally.  Rain.

Three rainy days this past week brought an end to 6 months without measureable rain in our valley and the snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east is being measured in feet not inches!  Snow is a significant source of water for farms and cities throughout California.  You probably think of beaches, movie stars, and the tech industry when you think of California; be sure to think of farming and ranching too, after all, California is the number one agricultural producer in the country.

We recently acquired some outstanding rugs; they’re being cleaned and prepared for your consideration.   Watch for them in the coming months.

Featured Rugs

The featured rugs this month are two very nice Contemporary rugs.

# 1120 Moki Navajo Rug 41″ x 59″ circa 2005 woven by Rena Begay $2,600.

Contemporary Moki Navajo Rug 1120
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# 1125 Klagetoh Navajo Rug 50″ x 72″ circa 1950 very well woven $2,900.

Klagetoh Navajo Rug 1125
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That’s all for this month have a great February.

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