Featured Yei And Two Grey Hills Navajo Rugs March 2024

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

March 2024

March and spring are thought of as a time of renewal; the perfect time to introduce four new weavings from the contemporary period – the mid 1900s.  Each will look great in rustic, western, or modern settings.

In addition, we have taken deep markdowns on two excellent weavings in search of new homes.


#1200 is a contemporary two diamond format in the Toadlena/Two Grey Hill style circa 1960.  It is very well woven and in excellent condition.  At 29 x 54 inches it is suitable for a wall hanging or small space area rug.  $2,900

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#1027 is a vivid contemporary Yei style that features six female Yei flanking a vivid turquoise female corn Yei. It is circa 1950, in excellent condition and measures 29 x 54 inches. The weaver is unknown. $1,100.

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#1198 features four large female Navajo Yei surrounded by four borders.  At 74 x 44 inches it will make a nice area rug or wall hanging.  It was woven circa 1950 and is in excellent condition. $2,600

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#1202 is a Yei Pictorial of Yei in the four directions format and protected by a large rattlesnake; this rare and unique pattern was woven in the 1970s.  It is 55 x 42 inches and is stunning as a wall hanging. $3,900

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#1168 this excellent 140-year-old Navajo blanket is predominantly red with black, blue, and white yarns forming ribbons, squares, and serrated diamonds down the center. In excellent condition, it was woven in 1880 and is 72” x 43”. The weaver is unknown. Originally $8,800 Now $4,000

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#1151 is a complex weaving of diamonds, whirling logs, cactus, and other designs  on a maroon-red field with full fringe on the top and bottom.  Circa 1890, this  approximately 130-year-old weaving is in excellent condition on a tight canvas. It measures 68 by 50 inches. Originally $7,900 Now $4,000

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