February 2024 Featured Navajo Rugs

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

February 2024

February being a short month, we have a brief list of featured weavings for your enjoyment and consideration. With books like Craig Johnson’s Longmire and  the TV series Yellowstone bringing the Old West and the New West to millions of readers and viewers, the interest in Navajo weaving is growing. Now is an exciting time to add to your collection or décor.

Old West Show & Auction

Thanks to Jeff Voracek of Red Mesa Gallery in Penryn, California, we had an outstanding experience last month at Brian Lebels Old West Events in Las Vegas, Neveda. We met collectors, interior decorators, and lovers of all things Native American and Old West. Many of our weavings left the show with new owners ready to display their pieces in their homes and offices.


#1158 This Child’s blanket was woven in the late 1890’s and is in excellent condition.  With its red field, prayer sticks (stacked triangles), lightning bolts, and bright colors it really attracts attention. At 31” x 33” it has lots of potential as a wall hanging,  as a table runner, or draped over a railing,  It is tightly woven and in excellent condition.$2,100.

Childs Navajo Blanket 1158
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#1159 is a Germantown Sunday Saddle blanket with full fringe was woven with aniline dyed blue, green, white, red, black, and tan wool. The colorful diamond patterned blanket measures 27” x 29” plus two inches of fringe in blocks of red, white, green, and black. $2,100

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#1167 is a Germantown Sunday Saddle Blanket; the corner tassels are especially unique on this true red weaving. At 34” x 28” it will look great on a small wall or couch back; its many diamonds draw your eye in to view the details. Circa 1890 and in excellent condition. $2,400

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#1168 this excellent 140-year-old blanket is predominantly red with black, blue, and white yarns forming ribbons, squares, and serrated diamonds down the center. In excellent condition, it was woven in 1880 and is 72” x 43”. The weaver is unknown. $5,000

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