February Navajo Rug Sale 2022

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

February 2022

February SALE * 5 Rugs On Sale * 2 Featured *

With thoughts of home and hearth in the middle of winter, we’re offering some very special pieces & prices for your consideration during February.


#1130J is a very rare Father Sky Mother Earth weaving based on a sacred Navajo sandpainting ritual. It is 74″ x 67″; circa 1920. $18,000 It was recently exhibited at the Kings Art Center.

Father Sky Mother Earth Sandpainting Navajo Weaving 1130J
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# 735 is a Toadlena Two Grey Hills Navajo weaving; the best of its kind we have ever offered. It was recently exhibited at the Kings Art Center; circa 1930, it measures 43″ x 62″. $7,200

Toadlena Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug 735
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# 329 is a great Transitional Navajo double saddle blanket in a rare diagonal weave. Circa 1890 to 1900 this piece is 31″ x 47″. During February $3,600

Transitional Navajo Saddle Blanket with Diagonal Weave 329
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# 881 is a natural colored J.B. Moore Crystal Trading Post weaving. 45″ x 68″, circa 1940. During February $2,400
Natural Colored J. B. Moore Crystal Navajo Rug with a Large Diamond with Crosses in the Center 881
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# 890 is a large pictorial Eight-Point Star rug; 40″ x 48″; circa 1920. This is an outstanding 100-year-old authentic weaving. During February $999
Large Pictorial Eight Pointed Star Navajo Rug 890
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# 987 is a 46″ x 81″ Ganado Navajo rug circa 1930 to 1940; it is very well woven. During February $2,400
Ganado Navajo Rug for Sale with Diamond in Center and Half Diamonds Above and Below 987
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# 1156 is a Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos storm pattern variant Navajo rug. It is 73″ x 45″; circa 1930. I really like the variegation of the gray shades. During February $3,100.
Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos Storm Pattern Variant Navajo Rug 1156
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That is all for now; wishing you a great February.

Any questions let me know. Give me a call +1-559-259-9482 or email