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December 2023

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#1142 is a Red Mesa Navajo rug in the style of a 3rd phase Chief’s blanket woven for use as a rug.  It features three wide red bands, separated by a black band and diamonds within diamonds. It is 75” x 57” inches with natural white and black, red, blue, brown, orange, and green. In excellent condition, this tightly woven rug of hand spun yarn is circa 1930; the weaver is unknown. Now $3220

Red Mesa Navajo Rug 1142
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#1192 is a transitional style rug in black, gray, red, purple, and white; few rugs of this age still have bright purple color. The diamonds within diamonds pattern is in excellent condition, it was woven circa 1890 and measures 96” x 50”. Now $3,850

Transitional Navajo Rug 1192
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#1151 is a 130-year-old antique Germantown Navajo Pictorial Blanket with three columns of eight diamonds within diamonds, whirling logs, cactus, and other patterns on a red field.  There is fringe at the top and bottom and a serrated tooth border. It is 68” x 50” in excellent condition.  Now $4,830

Germantown Navajo Pictorial Blanket 1151
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#1162 is an exceptional third phase Chiefs blanket woven to be worn; it will make an excellent wall hanging. It is 65” x 50” in black, white, red, and blue in excellent condition and circa 1885-1895. Now $4,060

Third Phase Navajo Chiefs blanket 1162
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#1168 this excellent 130-year-old blanket features eight diamonds along each side; a black ribbon with blue and white squares at the corners is surrounded by a field of five serrated diamonds. In excellent condition, it was woven in 1880; the weaver is unknown.    Now $6,160

Navajo Blanket 1168
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