Happy New Year 2022 New And On Sale Navajo Rugs

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

January 2022

Two Newly Added Navajo Rugs * 5 On Sale For January *

Hi there,

With the start of a new year we look forward to bringing you a fine selection of Navajo weavings for use throughout your home or office.  2022 offers a fresh start to furnish the spaces you frequent with things that reflect your style and add one-of-a-kind original Native American Navajo weavings to your spaces.

New Weavings

# 1163 is a great early JB Moore Navajo blanket circa 1890 to 1900. It is 96″ x 56″, tightly woven in vibrant colors, and has Lazy lines.

Navajo JB Moore Germantown Weaving 1163
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# 1160 is an outstanding Red Mesa rug with a Teec Nos Pos border. It is circa 1915 and 70″ x 47″.

Navajo Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos Weaving 1160
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January Sale

# 1119 is a Moki weaving, circa 1890. It is 37″ x 71″.

$4,300 during the month of January.

Moki Navajo Weaving 1119
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# 1014 is a Maltese Crosses Navajo rug circa 1920. It is 47″ x 58″.

$2,400 during the month of January.
Maltese Crosses Navajo Rug Circa 1920 1014
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# 1136 is a Transitional Navajo rug circa 1890. It is 52″ x 77″.

$4,300 during the month of January.
Transitional Navajo Rug Circa 1890 1136
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# 1020 is a Pictorial Navajo rug with crosses, diamonds, and feathers. It is 34″ x 64″ and circa 1920.

$2,800 during the month of January.
Pictorial Navajo Rug Circa 1920 1020
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# 780 is an open field double saddle blanket circa 1900. It is 25″ x 50″.

$3,400 during the month of January.
Open Field Navajo Double Saddle Blanket Circa 1900
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Hope you all have a great new year and wishing you a wonderful 2022.

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