This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

HAPPY NEW YEAR! January 2023

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It seems the weather has gone from summer to winter fast.  In this part of California there are long summers typically eight or nine months of sunny hot days with warm evenings; there are two weeks each of spring and fall then a brief two-month gloomy winter that comes on quick. The Navajo weavings in our home and office with their wool textures and earthy colors make it real comfy and cozy in winter.

My friend Bill Gordon of The Gordon Collection in Telluride, Colorado recently expanded his long-established retail space and launched an online store convenient for those who can’t get to Telluride. Check it out The Gordon Collection.

New Weavings

As we prepare to introduce some very special weavings in February, there are no new weavings this month.

Featured Rugs

# 547 is a Tec Nos Pos style by Master Weaver Lucy Begay; it is 48″ x 72″ and circa 2013. This piece is woven with handspun Churro Wool.  $7,440

Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug Weaving for Sale by Master Weaver Lucy Begay 547
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# 406 is a Three Turkey Ruins Burnt Water Navajo weaving by Master Weaver Helen Bia. It is 24″ x 38″ and circa 1987.  This is one of Ms. Bia’s early weavings as it is believed she was about 13 years old when it was completed.  $1,800

Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater Navajo Weaving by Helen Bia 406
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# 1192 is a circa 1890 Transitional Navajo rug that measures 96″ x 50″; it is tightly woven.  This is a great 130-year-old rug, a true Native American antique. $5,500

Transitional Navajo Rug 1192
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I am happy to answer questions about these and any items in our inventory; just give me a call, +1-559-259-9482, or CLICK TO EMAIL ME

Sending you my best wishes for a great New Year and much success in 2023.