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J. B. Moore Crystal Storm Pattern Navajo Rug


  • Navajo Storm Pattern Rug JB Moore Plate XXVIIINumber: A75
  • Description:

    This Navajo Storm Pattern Rug Is A Very Close Copy Of The J.B. Moore 1911 Catalog Plate XXVIII.

    It Is Possible That This Rug Was Woven By Dug-Gau-Eth-Lon Bi Dazhie Or One Of Her Close Family Members. In The 1911 Catalog Under The Photo Of This Plate Moore Said "She And Her Immediate Relatives Have Been Making It As Shown Here For Two Or Three Years Past."

    The Square In The Center Of The Rug Could Symbolize A Navajo Hogan, A Lake, Or The Center Of The Universe; The Squares In The Corners Are Sometimes Referred To As The Four Sacred Mountains On The Navajo Reservation, The Four Winds, Or The Four Cardinal Directions.

    The Radiating Zigzag Lines From The Center Are Referred To As Lighting Bolts. The Motifs At The Top And Bottom In The Center Are Water Bugs Or Pinion Beetles. Below And Above The Water Bugs Are Whirling Logs Or Cross Spruce Logs Which Gives The Impression Of Circular Motion By The Bent Ends.

    Whirling Spruce Logs Crossing Each Other Is A Sacred Symbol Used In Navajo Religious Ceremonies, Navajo Sandpaintings And Put Into The Weavings Around The 1880’s. Due To The Whirling Logs Being Similar To The Nazi Swastikas, Weavers Have Been Not Used This Symbol Since The Late 1930’s.

  • Rug Size: 45" x 65"
  • Colors:
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Circa: 1920 - 1930
  • Weaver: Unknown

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  • J. B. Moore Crystal Storm Pattern Navajo Rug