July 2020 Featured Navajo Rugs 4 New Listings for Sale

July 2020

2 Featured Navajo Rugs.

Summer is a great time to freshen up home and office décor or add to your collection of Navajo rugs. We have some stellar pieces to consider.


We are optimistic that our exhibit at the Kings Art Center will take place August 22- September 26th. Details will be available soon.

New to the Collection

#1119 is a Moki Navajo blanket circa 1890 and 37″ x 71″. It is very nice quality in shades of purple, blue. black and red.

Moki Navajo Blanket for Sale 1119
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# 1116 features five female Yei with a red background circa 1930. It is 44″ x 33″.

Five Female Yei Navajo Rug for Sale 1116
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# 1114 is an Aniline dyed red, natural, white, black / brown and gray Navajo Eye Dazzler rug. It is 38″ x 76″ and circa 1940.

Eye Dazzler Navajo Rug for Sale 1114
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#1113 is a 21″ x 40″ Navajo dress panel circa 1930.

Navajo Dress Panel Navajo Weaving for Sale 1113
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Featured Rugs

# 1014 is a three column format with red, white, gray and black Maltese Crosses. Circa 1920. It is 47″ x 58″.

25% off for the month of July $2175.

Three Column Navajo Blanket for Sale 1014
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# 629 is a Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater by Helen Bia in green, taupe, black, white, gray and light gold. Circa 2013. It is 39″ x 61″.

25% off for the month of July $3000.

Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater by Helen Bia Navajo Rug for Sale 629
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