July 2023 Featured JB Moore. Ganado. Red Mesa Navajo Rugs

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

July 2023

Summer’s here and it’s a perfect time to revisit the collection full of one of a kind weavings by traditional Navajo weavers in Arizona and New Mexico.

Whether you are looking for a wall hanging, rug, or an accent piece to display over the back of a couch there are dozens to choose from.


# 1047 This Storm Pattern Navajo Rug is a very close to the one in the JB Moore 1911 Catalog. The square in the rug could symbolize a Navajo Hogan, a lake, or the center of the universe. The squares in the corners are sometimes referred to as the four Sacred Mountains of the Navajo, the four winds, or the four cardinal directions. The radiating zigzag lines are referred to as lighting bolts.

The motifs at the top and bottom are water bugs or pinion beetles. Above and below the water bugs are Whirling Logs which the impression of circular motion by the bent ends. Whirling Logs crossing each other are a sacred symbol used in the Navajo religious ceremonies, sand paintings, and incorporated into weavings around the 1880s.

A great Navajo JB Moore Catalog Rug.

JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Storm Pattern Navajo Rug 1911 Catalog plate XXVIII 1047
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# 1194 is a Ganado with three borders enclose a gray field. The first is stepped brown/black then a white stepped border, the last one is a brown/black ribbon border. In the center are six stepped diamonds within diamonds. The four tassels are restored.

Ganado Navajo Rug 1194
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# 1156 is a Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos with a storm pattern variant in the center of a natural gray field with Teec designs on the sides surrounded by a black and white ribbon border.

Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos Storm Pattern Variant Navajo Rug 1156
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That is all for this month.

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