Just Back From Cleaning And Looks Fantastic

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

October 2022

It’s Finally Fall * 7 New Listings * 2 Featured *

It is finally fall in central California meaning our daytime highs are in the mid 80’s; it’s a tremendous change from just two weeks ago when it was a record high 114. We still need lots of rain to get us out of a three-year draught. If you have any you can spare send it this way.

Four rugs have been added to our Rustic Rugs section; to see them just follow this link . . .


New Arrivals

# 1148 is a Germantown eye dazzler style that was recently cleaned; it looks spectacular with all its vivid colors. It is 74 x 47 and circa 1880.

Germantown Eye Dazzler Navajo Blanket 1148
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# 1170 is a revival Chief’s blanket circa 1990. It is 85″ x 62″ and woven is a pattern that originated in the1880s.

Revival Navajo Chiefs Blanket 1170
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# 1184 is a Ganado rug circa 1910; it is very tightly woven and measures 69″ x 40″.

Ganado Navajo Rug 1184
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Featured Rugs

# 735 is a Toadlena / Two Grey Hills rug circa 1930. It measures 62″ x 43″ and is tightly woven.

Toadlena Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug 735
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# 1154 is Red Mesa style runner that is 81″ x 43″, circa 1920. This is a very striking 100-year-old rug.

Red Mesa Navajo Runner 1154
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This is all for now; wishing you a great fall with all the right weather for your area.

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