March 2022 Featured Navajo Rug Sale And New Listings

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

March 2022

March SALE * 3 Rugs On Sale * 2 New Listings *

Hope all is well in your part of the country; the weather has been rather cold for California lately. As spring approaches, I hope we get more rain than cold. Our newest Navajo weavings will look great no matter your weather.


#1161 is a Klagetoh Navajo rug circa 1920; it is 76″ x 55″ and the colors are great in this 100-year-old rug.

Klagetoh Navajo Rug 1161
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#1162 is a Third Phase Navajo Chief’s blanket circa 1885 to 1895. It is 65″ x 50″; this 130 year old blanket has beautiful coloration.

Third Phase Navajo Chief's blanket 1162
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#1151 is a vibrant Navajo woven Germantown pictorial blanket. It is 68″ x 50″, circa 1890; the canvas has a tight weave. $6,500 until March 25th.

Germantown Navajo Pictorial Blanket 1151
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#1137 is a Crystal Trading Post weaving; it is a variation of Plate XIV in the 1911 catalogue. It is 71″ x 41″; circa 1910. $ 1,500 until March 25th.
JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Navajo Rug A Variation of Plate XIV in the 1911 Catalogue 1137
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#1157 is a large JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Navajo rug; it is 108″ x 72″; circa 1930 to 1940. This outstanding weaving will look great and wear well on the floor or as a wall hanging. $5,800 until March 25th.
Large J.B. Moore Crystal Trading Post Navajo Rug 1157
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That is all for now; wishing you an outstanding March.

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