Navajo Moki Blanket 1171


  • Number: 1171
  • Description: This beautiful Navajo Moki blanket on top are black and red ribbon lines, then three serrated diamonds, surrounded by purple and black lines in the Moki style, then eight squares with the Moki purple and black lines with crosses between the squares, one larger serrated diamonds with half  diamonds on the side, Moki black and purple all around, with some lines on the bottom changing to black and blue lines, then eight squares similar to the above but with black and blue Moki lines. The bottom is the same as the top except the Moki lines are black and blue.
  • Rug Size: 86″ x 56″
  • Colors: Purple, blue, red, white, and black.
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Circa: 1880
  • Weaver: Unknown
  • Other Details: This is a well woven blanket. When you look at the second photo, the squares do not show the Moki lines well, but when you put your cursor on the photo and zoom in, you will be able to see the purple / black and blue / black Moki lines much better. From five feet away the squares look almost black but at two to three feet you can really see them. This is an outstanding Moki blanket.

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  • Navajo Moki Blanket 1171  Photo 001
  • Navajo Moki Blanket 1171  Photo 002
  • Navajo Moki Blanket 1171  Photo 003
  • Navajo Moki Blanket 1171  Photo 004
  • Navajo Moki Blanket 1171  Photo 005