Navajo Rug Cleaning and Care Tips

Navajo rugs are both an art form and a form of historical record. As such, taking good care of your rug is very important–but you also shouldn’t feel too intimidated by the process. Here are some tips on Navajo rug cleaning and care to ensure that your weaving stays clean and well-preserved for years to come.

navajo rug cleaning and care

Navajo Rug Cleaning and Care

  • As much as possible, try to avoid high temperatures and high humidity. High temps can cause damaging bacteria and mildew or cause the fibers to dry and become brittle. High humidity can cause contraction of the wool (leading to buckling and distortion) or to mildew growth.
  • Don’t display your rug in direct light. UV rays can weaken fibers and cause permanent color change and yellowing.
  • Periodic vacuuming is essential to remove dust particles and moth eggs and larvae. If moths are a persistent problem, a moth fumigant (PDB) may be used. Moth repellants should NOT be used on your rug.
  • Vacuuming should be done with a low-suction canister vacuum. Both sides of the rug should be vacuumed.
  • Never beat or shake a Navajo rug.
  • If stains are persistent, wet cleaning is the recommended next step. Because dyes can bleed and fibers can shrink in certain cases, we recommend allowing a professional to take this step.
  • Dry cleaning is a last resort option for Navajo rug cleaning because the process can strip lanolin and damage the fibers.

If you have any additional questions about Navajo rug cleaning and care, please contact Charley at We are happy to refer you to a professional rug cleaner if necessary. Stay tuned next week for tips on rug storage and display.