Navajo Rug Resources

One of the best things about becoming a Navajo rug afficianado has been joining the amazing community we have found that shares our love of all things Navajo rug. If you are looking for Navajo rug resources–from tips on cleaning, to preservation help, to just learning more about the art form, look no further than the list of Good Businesses and Friends on our site.Navajo rug resources

While in other industries some of these people might be considered “competitors,” this bunch has always been more about sharing Navajo rug resources and history and about celebrating successes than about fighting over sources and customers. Instead of competitors, we think of each other as fellow collectors–all driven by the same mission to promote and sustain the Navajo rug art form.

We joke that once you are bitten with the bug, there is no turning back, and because of our shared passion, this community is always willing to help one another out. Luckily, we can share some of the benefits of this community with our customers. If you have any specific questions about Navajo rug resources, we are happy to answer them, or check out the list linked above.