Navajo Rugs End of Summer Sale 2023

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

August 2023



It’s too hot to do anything else so we are having an End of Summer Sale; now through August 31st take advantage of great discounts while you add to your collection or enhance your surroundings.

Featured Rugs

# 1047 This black, gray, white, and red Storm Pattern weaving is very much like one shown the 1911 JB Moore Trading Post catalog. An extensive description of the symbols in this very detailed piece is included with the photo. It is 45” x 65”, circa 1910 and is in excellent condition. End of Summer Sale: $2,900

JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Storm Pattern Navajo Rug 1911 Catalog plate XXVIII 1047
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# 882 depicts 20 hogans (houses) on a background that closely resembles the color of the ground throughout the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. An intricate diamond pattern makes up the center space. Made of hand spun wool yarn, it’s 37” x 70” size is perfect for a conversation area, office, or reading nook. Circa 1915, it is in excellent condition. End of Summer Sale: $1,500

House Pictorial Navajo Rug in a Double Diamond Format 882
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# 881 This extensively detailed rug from the JB Moore Trading Post is circa 1940. The neutral color story will complement cabin, craftsman, traditional and modern southwest décor. It is 45” x 68”. Fading on the backside does not take away from its condition or beauty; in fact, it offers you two color ways. End of Summer Sale: $1,500

Natural Colored J. B. Moore Crystal Navajo Rug with a Large Diamond with Crosses in the Center 881
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# 735 is an outstanding tightly woven rug in the Two Grey Hills style. It’s very detailed patterns depict stars, crosses, diamonds, and arrows. It is circa 1930 and in excellent condition. End Summer Sale: $4,300

Toadlena Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug 735
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# 547 was woven by Navajo Master Weaver Lucy Begay in 2013. This very tightly woven piece is made of handspun, hand-dyed, Churro Sheep wool yarn; not only is this a very special weaving, it is also in excellent condition. This large, very intricate, custom design measures 48” x 72” and is deep red, black, gray, and white. End of Summer Sale: $6,000

Teec Nos Pos Navajo Rug Weaving for Sale by Master Weaver Lucy Begay 547
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# 1060 is a banded Transitional rug with five wide chevron bands between six wide desert gray bands. Circa 1910 this 123-year-old rug is in very good condition and measures 45” x 68”. It is made of handspun wool yarn. End of Summer Sale: $1,100

Transitional Navajo Banded Rug for Sale 1060
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# 1128 This outstanding Germantown year blanket is in excellent condition. Woven between 1880 and 1900 it features dark green, red, yellow, blues, black, and white. The short fringe was attached after the weaving was complete. End of Summer Sale: $5,000

Germantown Navajo Blanket 1128
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# 1142 This Red Mesa rug is in the style of a 3rd phase Chief’s blanket design with three wide red bands, a black band, two white bands, and diamonds. Circa 1930 its measures 76” x 57”, is in excellent condition. It is tightly woven of handspun wool and will look great on the floor or wall. End of Summer Sale: $3,600

Red Mesa Navajo Rug 1142
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# 1148 Is a spectacular 140-year-old Germantown Eye Dazzler blanket with great colors including maroon, gold, pink, green, white, and black. The detailed design includes diamond and zig zag patterns. It is 74” x 47” , circa 1880, tightly woven, and in excellent condition. End of Summer Sale: $12,000

Germantown Navajo Blanket 1148
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# 1153 This stunning black and white with red accents Bisti style Navajo weaving includes a ribbon border, feather detailed hexagons, and people figures. Woven in 1910, it is in excellent condition and very tightly woven. It measures 66” x 40”. End of Summer Sale: $3,000

Bisti Navajo Weaving 1153
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Wishing you a great end of summer and a cool down from this scorcher.

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