Navajo Rugs Fall Cool Down Mark Downs 2023

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

September 2023

Fall Cool Down Mark Downs


No matter which room you are decorating there is a Navajo weaving that will add warmth and true western Native American style to the spaces where you spend most of your time.

With our wide range of sizes, colorations, and patterns, you are sure to find the solution for every room in your home or office. Reduced prices are good through September 30, 2023.

Featured Rugs

#1196 is an 88” x 56” predominantly black and white weaving circa 1930; it features multiple water bugs in four rows.

Originally $2,500

Now $2,000

Toadlena / Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug 1196
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#1194  is a Granado style weaving from the 1930s. Its three borders enclose a gray field of six intricate diamond patterns. It is in excellent condition.

Originally $8,200

Now  $7,000

Ganado Navajo Rug 1194
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#1192 This 133-year-old Transitional style weaving is in excellent condition.  It is circa 1890 and measures 96” x 50”. It is very well woven with vivid colors including bright purple a color not often seen in this early timeframe.

Originally $5,500

Now $4,600

Transitional Navajo Rug 1192
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#1172 is a Crystal style rug circa 1950; it is very well woven with some imperfections. Its 78” x 62” ample size is well suited for a seating area or office space.

Originally $2,500

Now $1,700

Crystal Navajo Rug 1172
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#1166 This Two Grey Hills area weaving from the Toadlena Trading Post is a variant of the sought after Storm pattern. It includes multiple borders, Valero Stars, and an airplane like figure. An excellent tightly woven piece in black, white, gray, brown, and tan it  measures 88” x 66”.

Originally  $7,500

Now $5,000

Two Grey Hills Toadlena Storm Pattern Variant Navajo Rug 1166
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#1170 This circa 1990 weaving by Helen M. Johnson is a revival of a style originally woven in the 1880s.  It is in excellent condition and large measuring 85”x 62”. The complicated design includes a lightning bolt, diamonds, chevrons, and a large cross.

Originally $3,600

Now $3,000

Revival Navajo Chiefs Blanket 1170
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These are great weavings at great prices good through September 30, 2023.

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