Outstanding Red Mesa 2 Featured Navajo Rugs . . .

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

April 2023

And the rain keeps falling. From three years of extreme drought to 200% of normal rainfall in three months. Quite a winter in California.

In spite of all the storms and cold weather, you could be comfy and warm with the earthy colors of authentic Navajo rugs and weavings in your decor.

Here are great weavings from our favorite collections.


# 1190 is a Red Mesa Navajo Rug. This outstanding Red Mesa will look great displayed horizontally on your floor or wall. 89″ x 60″, circa 1915 or earlier as indicated by the use of aniline dyed purple yarn. A very nicely woven rug.

Red Mesa Navajo Rug 1190
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# 1199 This Female Yei Navajo Rug is 69″ x 49″, circa 1930. It depicts four female Yei protected by a Guardian Yei. Very tightly woven and just back from being professionally cleaned.

female Yei Navajo Rug 1199
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# 1194 is a large Ganado Navajo Rug circa 1930, 99″ x 67″. Great colors in this old rug.

Ganado Navajo Rug 1194
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# 1171 is a Navajo Moki Blanket circa 1880, 86″ x 56″ this is a great 140-year-old rug, Take a close look at this one; it is great.

Moki Navajo Rug 1171
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That is all for this month.

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