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January 2021

2 Featured Navajo Rugs. 1 New Listing.

A new beginning; 2021. It’s going to keep getting better. 

We are adding on outstanding rug this month.

# 735 is an outstanding Toadlena / Two Grey Hills Navajo rug. Circa 1930. 43″ x 62″. Take a look at this one.

Toadlena Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug 735
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Featured Rugs

# 1131j is an outstanding hard to find large size Nightway Sandpainting weaving with whirling logs, 102″ x 70″, circa 1920.

Nightway Sandpainting Navajo Weaving Whirling Logs 1131J
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# 586 is a rare 100 year old Monument Valley pictorial double saddle blanket circa 1920, 35″ x 62″.

Monument Valley Pictorial Navajo Double Saddle Blanket 586
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This is all for January. Questions, let me know. Give me a call +1-559-259-9482 or reply to this email. 

Be safe and stay healthy.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2021.