Red Mesa Chief’s * Antique Chinle * May 2021 Featured Navajo Rugs

May 2021

Two Newly Added Exquisite Pieces * Two Featured *

Spring is in full swing in central California

The lifting of Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions continues and coincides with great temperatures and long sunny days. Our small town was one of the first to have vaccination clinics and we were fortunate to be vaccinated in January and now we can participate in more activities.

We made good use of all that stay home indoor time working with our contacts to secure new weavings and preparing for the exhibit that will take place in the fall. Be sure to note the details below; we’d be delighted to see you.

Exhibit & Sale

Navajo Textiles – The Charley Castles’ Collection
Opening Reception: Friday September 10, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.
Kings Art Center, 605 N. Douty Street, Hanford California
Exhibition: Saturday, September 11 – Saturday, October 16


From simple stripes to intricate patterns, we have more than 200 weavings that can anchor any room in style.

New Weavings

Two rugs added in the Historic category this month.

# 1141 is a Red Mesa women’s style Chiefs Blanket/rug with very nice weaving for a 100-year-old piece that would show well on a wall or on the floor. 74″ x 65″, circa 1900 to 1920. $5,900.

Red Mesa Woman Style Navajo Chiefs Blanket / Rug 1141
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# 1100 is a Chinle Navajo rug circa 1930; it is, 44″ x 79″. This rug will make a great floor rug. $2,100.

Chinle Navajo Rug 1100
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Featured Weavings

# 1144 is a Teec Nos Pos with Red Mesa Influence. 76″ x 51″ circa 1920, an outstanding weaving.

This is one of the nicest weavings we have ever had.

Teec Nos Pos with Red Mesa Influence Navajo Rug 1144
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# 1072 a neat little Germantown Navajo Dress Panel. 30″ x 46″ circa 1880 to 1900. Displayed on the wall or draped over a chair arm it will be bring distinction to your décor or collection.

Germantown Navajo Dress Panel for Sale 1072
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Questions, let me know. Give me a call +1-559-259-9482 or email.