Saddle Blankets and Rugs and Blankets, Oh My!

You’ll notice that on our site we sell saddle blankets, rugs, and blankets. But the line that separates one from the other can be quite blurry. And this blurry line is actually part of the history of Navajo rugs. The Navajo originally used their beautiful weavings as blankets and saddle blankets to be used by the Navajo or traded.  But between about 1890 and 1910, the Navajo transitioned from weaving blankets to weaving rugs for the Eastern U.S. market.  Rugs, blankets, and saddle blankets are still being woven today. But what I would call a saddle blanket, someone else might call a rug!

Saddle Blankets vs. Rugs.

Size of typical saddle blankets (these measurements are not set in stone):

Single saddle 30 X 30

Double saddle 30 X 60

I think of a rug as being larger than a double saddle blanket and thick enough that I would be comfortable using it on the floor.  (That said, I have used double saddle blankets on the floor.) Both saddle blankets and rugs can be coarsely woven or very finely woven, though usually the diameter of the yarn is thicker in a rug.

At the end of the day, a beautiful textile is a beautiful textile, and we think this matters a lot more than the name! But if you have any questions about why we call something a rug vs. a blanket vs. a saddle blanket, give me a shout at