September 2020 Featured Navajo Rugs: Teec and Three Turkey

September 2020

2 Featured Navajo Rugs.

Long hot summer in California

Although none of them are closer than 50 miles from Hanford, the recent lightning caused fires throughout California literally surround us. It’s been extremely smoky and the sky is yellow except at sunset when it is deep red like the landscape of the Navajo Nation. Coupled with 100+ temperatures, it’s tough for firefighters and residents. We will get through this. And the pandemic. And the weakened economy. And whatever else comes our way.

Sandpainting Rug Update

The sandpainting rug we recently featured in Native American Arts magazine has been sold. If you had your eye on it, take a look at three other Sandpainting rugs we offer. These rare patterns can add variety to your collection of Navajo weaving styles.

Additions: A Blanket and Two Rugs

#1134 is a great old Red Mesa 3rd phase Chief’s blanket. It’s 65″ x 55″ and circa 1910. Yes. It’s over a hundred years old.

Red Mesa Navajo Rug for Sale 1121
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#1139 is a JB Moore Crystal Trading Post rug. It’s 48″ x 78″ and circa 1910. The large crosses in this pattern are real standouts. It’s of handspun yarn and very well woven.

Transitional Navajo Rug for Sale 1121
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#1142 is another Red Mesa Navajo rug woven in the style of a chief’s blanket. It’s 76″ x 57″ and circa 1930. There is some Germantown yarn in it. But mostly it’s made of handspun yarn.

Transitional Navajo Rug for Sale 1121
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Featured Rugs

#547 is a Teec Nos Pos contemporary rug woven by Master Weaver Lucy Begay in 2013. At 48″ x 72″ it’s a beautiful weaving.  $8000

Germantown Navajo Blanket for Sale 1128
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#406 is a Three Turkey Ruins Burntwater weaving by Master Weaver Helen Bia. She is the sister of Lucy Begay, another noted master weaver. It’s 24 ” x 38″ and circa 1987. $2900

JB Moore Crystal Trading Post Storm Pattern Navajo Rug for Sale
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Any questions let me know. Be safe and stay healthy.

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