Sunday Saddle Germantown And 2 Featured Navajo Rugs JUNE 2022

This Month’s Featured Navajo Rugs

June 2022

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Refresh. Renew. Relax.

As spring turns to summer it’s time to slow down and enjoy your space. Surround yourself with hand woven vintage Navajo Indian weavings that will bring the colors and textures of nature and Indian traditions to your office or home. Our selection of finely crafted rugs and wall hangings offer many options.

New To The Collection

#1167 is an exceptional Germantown Navajo Sunday Saddle Blanket. It is 34″ x 28″ and circa 1890. In the field are four serrated diamonds within diamonds, the outside diamonds are an outstanding salt and pepper coloration.

Germantown Navajo Sunday Saddle Blanket 1167
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Featured Rugs

# 882 is a pictorial style weaving of a Navajo house on a reservation; it is 37″ x 70″ and circa 1915.

House Pictorial Navajo Rug in a Double Diamond Format 882
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# 881 is a natural-colored JB Moore Crystal Trading Post rug; it is 45″ x 68″ and circa 1940.

Natural Colored J. B. Moore Crystal Navajo Rug with a Large Diamond with Crosses in the Center 881
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